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About Light for Health

Light for Health Limited is a new company, committed to providing the best low level laser and LED products from around the world, for both professional and home use, where appropriate.

Gill Jacobs set up the company after discovering the power of pulsing light when searching for help for her mother's symptoms from MS. Frustrated at the response of others in need when she attempted to share this technology, she decided to tackle the problem head on by setting up a company committed to changing attitudes to light, and the potential for health when using it.

As a pioneering health writer on medical conditions which were initially misunderstood and ignored by mainstream medicine (Candidiasis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), she is motivated by the challenge of changing entrenched attitudes towards energy medicine and healing. Committed to the power of the word, she is equally excited by working in the market place of product sales, seeing this as an opportunity to expand awareness and alleviate unnecessary symptoms and unnecessary pain.

The company philosophy is to raise awareness of the potential of light in healing, through its promotion of products that are made to the highest standards, yet which provide value for money. Purchasers are guided in the use of this technology, and regular workshops and seminars are provided, both to support those already using the light, and to introduce it to those unfamiliar with its enormous potential.

Gill Jacobs

Gill Jacobs - director

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