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Light and the Body

Over the last thirty five years thousands of studies have shown that appropriate doses and wavelengths of light are therapeutically beneficial in tissue repair and pain control. Over 2000 studies worldwide show that LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is totally safe.

A truly holistic approach to health must include LIGHT. This is because the ability of our cells to communicate depends on specific frequencies of light. Every cell emits at least 100,000 light impulses per second at a variety of frequencies.

World-wide studies have shown that laser energy is accumulative as well as cascading and reduces pain and inflammation via:

  • Bio-stimulation and photo-stimulation
  • Endogenous opiate production
  • Slowing sensory nerve production
  • Restoring cellular resonant energy
  • Stimulating the Na/K pump mechanism in the cell membrane

How Low Level Laser Light Works

Our Body is made up of approximately five trillion individual cells. Each cell must supply its own vital energy called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Every job a cell must perform needs to be done with the aid of ATP. Light is the only medication that can directly increase the production of ATP. Research has shown that low level laser therapy can increase cellular ATP (body fuel) by as much as 150%.

This new fuel is then available to carry out the many repair and regenerative functions of our cells. The result is a rapid reduction in fluid retention, swelling, and inflammation.

The increased collagen and epithelial production is also accompanied by the production of new capillaries and an increase in the density of the capillary bed. There is a rapid formation of many proteins, including collagen, a clear sticky substance, which is nature's 'repair' material. This newly formed collagen can then be used to regenerate tissue that once had been damaged.

The laser energy also changes the electrical potential across cell membranes. This causes a desensitization of nerve cells, which results in the reduction of pain impulses. Low Level Laser Therapy has no effect on normal tissue. Photons are only taken up by cells that need them.

How much light?

Overstimulation, whilst not having the potential to cause harm, can undo the good that the correct dose would have achieved. Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is an excellent way of determining how much light the body requires. Another way, if pain is involved, is to note improvement in pain level as a guide to dosage.

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