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The power of light to heal has been known from ancient times.

  • Ancient Egyptians are said to have built special temples for healing with sunlight and coloured light
  • Pythagorus used colour for healing five hundred years before the birth of Christ
  • Reference to colour healing can be found in ancient Chinese and Indian texts.

Light from Within

In 1933 the Russian scientist Gurwitsch hypothesised that all cells emitted light. It took until the late seventies before German biophysicists (Popp et al.) proved that every cell emits at least 100.000 light impulses per second at a variety of frequencies.

Popp demonstrated that weak light emissions of low intensity were able to control the body, and that light in the body may be the factor that determines health and illness.

In other words the body's communication system is formed by complex pathways of resonance and frequency.

Low Level Photo Therapy was introduced in the 1960's using low level laser light, and in the 1980s light emitting diode (LED) technology advanced to the point where the energy output equalled that of lasers for common therapeutic use, and became widely available.

(An LED is a silicon microchip with various added substances, each of which releases a different wavelength (colour) of light when electrically stimulated.)

It was the space program and NASA that prompted renewed interest in light therapy, using LEDs to enhance the growth of plant tissue in space - lack of gravity keeps cells from growing naturally. The plants grew, and by coincidence gravity induced symptoms in the astronauts - loss of bone mass, atrophied muscles and wounds that do not heal - were also reduced.

The debate about the merits of LEDs on their own, or in combination with laser light continues. Latest research indicates that to give greater range and effectiveness, for deeper tissue repair, the best low level laser tool will combine both laser and LED light.

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