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Healing Light: Energy Medicine of the Future

By Dr. Larry Lytle

Published by Author House, 2004, 180 pages, softback.
ISBN 1-4208-0200-3

In "Healing Light: Energy Medicine of the Future", Dr. Larry Lytle will explain to you exactly how and why low level laser therapy works, backed up by "before" and "after" pictures of people who have benefited from this amazing new therapy. He explains:

  • Why low level laser therapy is probably the safest therapy available
  • How and why it works on nearly any condition
  • What happens at the cellular level when laser energy is applied and why that is important to your health
  • What to look for in a low level laser of your own
  • And much, much more!

"As the editor of a health magazine (Integrative Health & Self Healing) I have come across quite a few healing devices. Most of them have failed to make a broad impact because they are designed mainly for health professionals. Dr. Lytle’s new book presents information on the art and science of low level laser therapy, and also describes a home health care system that is affordable for all. I highly recommend the book and low level laser therapy for all!"
Dr. Li-Chuan Chen, PhD Bethesda, Maryland


Review Excerpts from a review published in the August 2006 issue of "Positive Health":

Healing Light by Dr. Larry Lytle makes for interesting reading. It is well written and suitably illustrated…At 180 pages including the reference section, it is a reasonably quick and easy read helped along by Dr. Lytle’s style of writing that clearly demonstrates his lecturing background.

Although divided into 10 chapters, the body of the book itself falls into 4 sections: the first is an introduction to Dr. Lytle himself and Energy Medicine; the second introduces lasers and their uses; the third section is devoted to dentistry, and lastly a wider look at laser use in other areas of health.

The autobiography of Dr. Lytle is useful inasmuch as it lends credibility to the rest of the book. Dr. Lytle’s pedigree and forward thinking as a pioneer dentist in the field of preventative dentistry gives confidence that when he says that Energy Medicine and lasers should be the tools of future mainstream medicine, he should be listened to with respect by the wider medical professions as a credible clinician who leads by example.

The explanation into the scientific basis of Energy Medicine at the atomic level – how we are fundamentally bundles of energy that respond to external energetic influences – is a very clear and logical progression through the subject without over-simplifying or indeed over-complicating it either. Sceptics looking to understand how Energy Medicine is well grounded scientifically would be hard pressed to find a clearer concise explanation…

The section on Dentistry is fascinating and Dr. Lytle’s real passion for this aspect of his work shines through stronger here than anywhere else. I was left wondering if the book should have been given a title more in line with this subject than the lasers. It was great to tie in the embryology of the teeth and nervous tissue to adult anatomy and physiological regulation of other organs. A true sense of the holistic nature of the body and its function but based on information more likely to be taught at allopathic medical schools became very apparent. As a veterinarian trying to raise the profile in the UK of the damage done to our pets by commercial pet feeds, this section will certainly add extra beef to my argument. It is obvious that the bite and proprioceptive information received from the position of the jaw and the 68 pairs of facial muscles is crucial to our wider health. I took this message very much on board to the extent that I wasn’t sure if we just got this part of our health right how much would we really need the lasers? Of course, we would still require treatment modalities such as lasers, scenar, homeopathy etc., but I got the sense that maybe we often fight on ongoing adverse influence from the jaw etc., that hinders the true potential of these modalities.

There were various anecdotal testimonies dotted throughout which made the subject of lasers more real and demonstrated their practical application. Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anybody looking into the use of lasers in health.

Review excerpts published in “Positive Health”, August 2006
Review written by Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS

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