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UltraLight Face Mask: Natural Trade Show Award Winner

                        Best CAM Product Brighton 2007

UltraLight Face Mask

UltraLight Face Mask

For mood elevation and SAD, fine lines, surface wrinkles, skin rejuvenation

and post surgery. Only around 25% of the light absorbed by our eyes is used directly

for vision. The other 75% travels via the optic pathways to the brain and hypothalamus, affecting our glandular and hormone system.

108 high energy blue and red light emitting diodes in a comfortable adjustable neoprene mask, complete with eye protection goggles.

Used by beauty therapists worldwide. Now available for use in the comfort of your own home. Small and portable - take it anywhere and just plug in!

For total rejuvenation use on forehead, around eyes, lips, neck and hands, for 15 mins once or twice a day for two months, and then maintenance. For SAD and depression use twice a day for 15 minutes.

May be used in conjunction with skin management products, allowing creams

deeper absorption, and giving better results.


  • Non-invasive - light applied externally
  • Non-toxic - lightwaves not chemicals
  • Painless - no vibration or tingling
  • Rapid and long lasting results
  • Safe Light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Fully automatic - shuts off when complete
  • No recovery period
  • Directly over the eyes for more effective mood elevation

What it does

  • Stimulates collagen formation, reducing wrinkles
  • Enhances local cellular metabolism and circulation
  • Improves skin smoothness, texture and appearance
  • Reduces Melanin Pigment Formation
  • Smooths & Reduces Scars
  • Acne Management
  • Helps Sun and Solarium Damaged Skin
  • Lifts mood and helps depression
  • Suppresses the production of melatonin, replacing lack of sunlight in winter


Some of my depression patients come in just for the Face Mask treatment. It works because of the intense light stimulation to the retina and the hypothalamus.

                             Dr Weiss, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Homeopath, USA

My eyes are often tired and swollen and I find regular use of the Face Mask very soothing. After a long day its great to lie down with the mask and really relax, knowing that at the same time my skin is benefitting and my eyes feel less sore.

                                                                                                               Jo Philby, London, UK

First of all a bright red light. Then a feeling of wellbeing, and I found myself automatically breathing deeply and relaxed.

                                                                                                       Karen Davies, East Sussex

After a 15 minute session it felt like I had had a good night's sleep.

                                                                                                  Daniella Gordon, East London



A study commissioned by the American Psychiatric Association and led by a psychiatrist at the Univeristy of North  Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine has found that light therapy effectively treats mood disorders, including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and other depressive disorders.

R. Golden et al, American Journal of Psychiatry, April 2005



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Price:  £250

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