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Healthlight Podiatric Boot

Podiatric Boot

The Podiatric Boot, on and off.

The Healthlight™ Podiatric Boot is a medical device used under professional conditions in hospitals, and specialist institutions, as well as for home use. The light pad covers 73 square inches, delivering 54 joules of red (at 640nm) and infrared (at 880nm) pulsing light per minute.

The plug-in power controller gives 7 pulse settings and combinations of them, with times from 10 to 30 minutes. Although primarily designed for diabetes and peripheral neuropathy, anyone with foot or leg problems, would benefit.

Note: Diabetic patients should closely monitor their insulin levels during treatment as some patients require less insulin during treatment.


The Podiatric Boot is shaped to be wrapped around the foot, kept in place by a boot or ties. It can also be used elsewhere, eg. wrapped around the shoulders for muscle relaxation, or to enlighten the spine.

The large surface area that the boot covers has the advantage that treatment times are lessened, and its design means that it can be held in place whilst the user is doing something else at the same time.

The Healthlight Podiatric Boot can safely be used on a daily basis on nearly every patient for neuropathy, wound healing, or chronic pain. During the first weeks of therapy rapid improvement can occur. Some patients may experience positive results and pain relief as soon as the first or second treatment session. Around the 2nd month of treatments, improvement levels may slow down. However, wound healing can remain steady, and closure of the wound can often occur during the 2nd or 3rd months. There may be temporary discomfort initially in some cases caused by the nerves and the microvascular system beginning to heal and regain some of the sensation previously lost.

What it does

  • Increases circulation by increasing Nitric Oxide which relaxes smooth muscle cells found in the arteries, veins, capillaries and lymph vessels
  • Nitric oxide also heals wounds, and promotes collagen synthesis,
  • Increases the formation of new capillaries to replace damaged ones
  • Reduces chronic or acute pain
  • Eliminates or reduces swelling
  • Speads healing of wounds


Sue is in her early forties and has Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, which involves nerve degeneration and muscle wastage. She was unable to work, and was at the point of considering a wheelchair when she tried the Podiatric Boots in March 2005.

I was amazed how good I felt after only one session. I have not had a day in bed since I began using the boot. I'm using very little pain medicine now. Since I've been using the light, there were two occasions where my lower back was what I call kinked. That would usually cause me 2 or 3 days of being immobile, taking pain meds. I used the light pad a few times and didn't take any pain medicine. I was up and around in a couple hours.

The thing I found since I've been exposed to light is that every doctor or practitioner I've mentioned it to had been aware of it, but it was never offered to me. To be able to have these tools in the home for everyone to use is amazing!

I'd recommend the boot ­ I've got two - for anybody with problems in their lower legs. I'll be happy if I just stay the way I am right now. I was concerned I'd be in a wheel chair. Now I just ask how much better will I get.

Sue G., Florida, USA

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