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Q-1000 NG Resonating Multi-Frequency Laser


The Q1000 is no longer being manufactured and is not available for purchase. Anyone who currently owns one is also not able to get it serviced, although if you email me I will then contact you when I find someone in the UK who could help in this way.

For those wanting a laser to take the place of the Q1000 I have not found anything yet in terms of a cluster laser, but I do have two single diode lasers manufactured in Taiwan, one red at 660 nm, and 30 mW and the other infra red at 112mW. These can be bought with a dental attachment which is fibreoptic, and therefore suitable for use in the mouth. Email for further information.

Currently, I am getting enquiries from people who have read Dr Norman Doidge’s book on how low level laser helps post-stroke. These lasers are suitable for this intervention.

At the moment, while stocks last, the price has not gone up to reflect the currency exchange which is not favourable to sterling. So don’t delay if you would like to buy one. This situation cannot last long!


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If you are ordering from outside the UK, please contact us before placing your order for the correct shipping price to your location.

Please contact us for more information on prices and rental schemes for the Q1000

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