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Q-1000 Testimonials

In presenting the following case studies, we intend only to show the general healing capabilities of low level lasers. Testimonials represent the experiences and opinions of the individual, and are not offered as cures, prescriptions or diagnoses.

Baby's burn
This testimonial is from Troy Rex a patient of Dr. John Fite, a dentist,
from Dallas Texas. Troy¹s son, Logan had climbed up on the riding lawnmower and fell off, catching his left arm on the exhaust muffler. As you can see he was badly burned. I had mentioned this to Dr. Fite approximately 3 days after the accident happened and he told me about the laser. All I can say is the results speak for themselves. I am totally amazed at how FAST this wound healed. The pictures are the 1st treatment, 3 days after the accident. The 2nd picture 7 days later, and the last picture is 2 weeks later. AMAZING!!!!!....

Thanks goes to Dr. Fite for allowing us to use this marvelous
tool....... God Bless to you both........
Troy Rex

Testimonial Video

Baby's Burn

Baby's Burn healed


Explosive Leg wound on an 83 year old

Leg Wound Immediately After Surgery

March 7, 2007: Late in the evening here in Michigan, my Mother-in Law had
an accident where she sustained an 'explosive wound' to the back of her leg.
Her condition was a problem due to lymphoedema from possibly a weak heart.
The lymphoedema was in both of her legs with a lot of swelling,
discoloration, and pain. She was 82 years old at the time of her injury and
turned 83 earlier this month. The mechanism of injury was a direct blow to
the back of her leg - an accident created when my father-in-law fell and his
foot accidentally delivered a blow with a tear creating the large size of
the wound. He is 86 and has balance problems. Since I am an athletic
trainer by trade, I administered care and my husband Tim and I took both my
in-laws to the hospital. When I first saw Mary's wound, it looked like a
flap that opened up a full view to the back of her leg. There was a lot of
raw tissue, etc. as well as bleeding.

At the hospital: Mary received 23 stitches to the back of her leg and later
lost that 'flap' during treatment. As a side note, her skin was very
fragile and thin which added to the original tear. She received an 'open'
cast from the foot up to just below her knee. Tim started to take pictures
so we had a record of the care. I was assigned to change her wound daily
which I did and was happy to start laser treatments immediately! At this
point, I was able to laser her leg in several areas, directly over the
wound, above, below, and to the sides. Each time I changed her wound
bandages, she was lasered with the Q1000.

March 9, 2007: We went to our family physician for evaluation and care.
After seeing her wound, he stated several things. One was that wounds of
this kind take a very long time to heal and he doubted that she would be
able to walk, much less exercise for at least a year. Also, we had to watch
for infection - that was a given! In addition, he expected her to have a
'divot' or hole back there. We were then assigned to a wound care

March 12, 2007: We met the wound care physician who was also a vascular
doctor. He was more optimistic than our family physician, but again expected
a long recovery. She took hyperbaric oxygen treatments and underwent wound
care bandaging where I was told not to remove the bandage due to the nature
of the special bandage materials. They would do the bandage changes at

From this point on, we went to the wound care center approximately 4-5 times
per week for about four weeks. I told the center about the laser after the
first week, as she was improving. She got around in a transfer style
wheelchair, and graduated to a walker at the end of April. I also need to
state that she has arthritis, so it was extra difficult for her to rise from
a bed or chair, and walk.

She was lasered with the Q1000 two to three times per week as I did wound
care changes. I covered the Q1000 with saran wrap each time due to the
fluids present at the wound site.

Mary's Leg - Rescued by the Q1000!

Leg Wound after treatment

July, 2007:
At the end of the month, Mary¹s wound was down to a Quarter in
size, after a week, a dime, and then it cleared up!

August 2007: Mary returned to Fast Pace Fitness, our 30 minute workout
facility where she continues to work on muscle strength. ( Even the owner, a
registered nurse, did not think she would be back to exercise until 2008, if

Leg wound after 4 months

My comments: Mary was not lasered every day, but the healing was
dramatic especially in terms of her healing in five months. What
astonished the wound care Doctor was that she had no infection during her
entire wound care. She does not have a 'divot', and in terms of time, she
healed far faster than anyone predicted. The wound healing would take at
least a year or more, the Doctors said. The wound care specialist was so
impressed, he invited me in to give a 'mini' lecture to him and his nursing
staff about the laser. I also used it in her treatment at the clinic.

Pictures: The first pictures were taken March 8, 2007. The last pictures
taken while she still had the wound were on July 14, 2007. The final
pictures, of the healed wound were taken on Sept. 27, 2007.

Leg wound healed



Finger wound
Finger Wound after operationJonathan first experienced extreme pain in his middle finger on his left hand in April 2007. His local hospital diagnosed a streptococcus bacteria which had infected his joint. He was given intravenous antibiotics, and admitted.

He spent the following week in hospital with a second operation four days after the first. Inbetween he was informed that he may loose his finger, or may choose to have it removed because there was no guarantee that he would be able to use it should it re-grow. Indeed, there was no certainty that it would re-grow.

Two days after he had been discharged from hospital he heard about the Q1000. At this point he was quite unwell and his finger was still swollen and had two large open wounds. He was returning to the hospital twice a week. These appointments involved the filing out of all dead flesh and redressing the wound. Just before he started using the laser he asked the hospital staff about light laser treatment. They told him that they often did more harm than good. At the same time they were telling him it was still quite likely his finger would be amputated: Jonathan and his partner decided they had nothing to loose by using the laser.

Finger wound 31 days laterHe started using the laser for three minutes a day. Almost immediately the hospital staff remarked how well the wound was healing. On one occasion they cautioned that the skin was growing too quickly for the wound, so he changed the setting and only lasered once every other day. Within about three weeks a nerve had re-grown. The hospital continued to be impressed. He introduced the 808 probe in addition on the alternate days. After one week with the 808 the hospital decided he now only needed to attend once a fortnight (instead of twice a week).

The finger is now almost completely healed, with just a problem of movement in the second joint, where the tendon was cut and scar tissue remains.

Finger in September 2007“We have been very impressed with the laser and would recommend it whole heartedly! At some point we will be telling the hospital about the laser because they need to acknowlege that far from making things worse, as they predicted, it probably contributed to saving my finger from amputation!”

Jonathan Martin, London


Pain, Knee Replacement, Haematoma, Gout

Arriving home nine days after a total knee replacement, I was tryng to control the pain and swelling with a combination of dihydrocodeine, paracetamol and ibuprofen. After a further 2 days the pain from my knee was agonizing...My wife suggested we [use] a Q1000 and the 808 Infrared Enhancer Probe. Usually sceptical regarding these matters, I accepted the treatment as I was experiencing such severe pain.  The result was miraculous, I felt almost immediate pain relief. Over the following 48 hours we used both the Q1000 and the 808 enhancer three times a day. The swelling has subsided noticeably.

A visit from the doctor today confirmed a suspected haematoma which was obviously being dispersed with the light. My wife, who is a registered nurse and midwife with 35 years experience, has never seen such a small piece of apparatus work so efficiently.

Out of interest we also tried the Q1000 on a troublesome greater toe joint (gout), again with immediate beneficial effect.  

Michael Dean, Queen's Counsel, London

Laser Therapy and Acupuncture

I was first introduced to Low Level Laser Therapy when I was in China in 1983. Then it was very effective for hypertension and heart disease. Now in London I am using the Q1000 and the 660 probe in conjunction with acupuncture, and I calculate that it increases my treatment results by at least 20-30%.

Patients with various acute conditions are noticeably better within minutes using the laser along with acupunture. I apply the laser probe almost directly onto the inserted needles. There is not one patient who has not responded favourably to the treatments administered. When patients are in too much pain for needles, the laser is a wonderful tool instead of needles.

Pamela Murphy, Lic, Ac, OMD, CMT , London and California


Radiotherapy damage, jaw and ear pain

Ten years ago Shaauna had radiotherapy after removal of a cancerous

saliva gland from her mouth.

'It took me nine years to get to see a consultant after being fobbed off with GPS and nurses. He confirmed that the tube which drained my ear had been damaged by my original operation and radiotherapy. This led to repeated infections, a perforated ear drum, and nine years on, total deafness in my left ear. It was very painful, as though I had water in my ear, with pressure all the time. By chance I discovered Low Level Laser Therapy, and I decided to use it. I am now pain free with no pressure inside the ear. I experienced tingling down my face as blood flow increased and muscles relaxed, and I can now fully open my mouth to eat. Before i had to slot food in side-ways. I am absolutely thrilled. At the same time the Q1000 is stopping my daughter's migraines, and sorting out my husband's tight musles.'

Shauna Raby, Warrington

Legs run over by a lorry

A lorry knocked me down and ran over both my legs in central London. I was helicoptered to the London Hospital, and stayed there for the next four months, undergoing eight operations and five skin grafts. Initially the Q1000 was used by a visiting friend on my colon and the underside of my feet .

Suddenly the damaged foot felt like wood or stone, instead of iron, and I could move it a bit. Over time, with use of the Q1000 the swelling felt better and I started to move the ankle. Once the bandages came off I  was lasered on the site of the skin graft, where the good skin was taken from, and I immediately felt a sensation in the other leg where the skin had been grafted!

Now I am home I use the laser to help me sleep by putting it on the underside of my feet, and it helps me to relax, and deal with flashbacks of the accident. I was walking in the park the other day and bumped into a consultant. She was amazed to see me upright.  I have no doubt that low level laser made a big difference to my ongoing recovery.

Clairette K, London

Severe Burn Heals in 9 Days!

My hot tub thermostat malfunctioned and I scalded my foot half way up my calf in 140 degree water. My doctor said it was a 2nd degree burn and that it would take three weeks to heal. I used both the Resonator and Rotary Lasers immediately and twice daily thereafter. By the 6th day, all the pain was gone and I was back to work. By day 10, the skin was nearly healed, having the appearance of a slight sunburn. The lasers not only helped control the pain, but also speeded the healing process. K.L., SD, USA


I have a friend whose 15 year old daughter is diabetic and was taking 22 units of insulin per day. Using low level laser therapy on her pancreas and pancreas accupoint activation points, she has been able to reduce her insulin needs to only 2 units per day, and has been stable at this level for over a year. Pat Weldy, IN, USA


I have experienced diabetes most of my adult life. In January of this year, my doctor gave 1 month to get my blood sugar count down (254) or she was going to start me on insulin. I wasn't much interested in insulin as everyone I knew that had started on it was now dead. I started lasering my pancreas with the Q1000 laser for one 3-minute session per day. During the first week, my blood sugar counts (as tested on two different machines) dropped about 20 points per day. I kept lasering every day, but my blood sugar count started going up. I called Dr. Lytle and he indicated that I had probably "gone over the top of the bell curve" and to only laser every other (or 3rd) day. I backed off to lasering 2 or 3 times per week, and my blood sugar counts have now stablized - without any additional treatment methods - at 135. Robert Rumph, MT, USA

Gum Disease

I have suffered with gum disease for many years. I have even endured the full mouth surgery - it helped some, but not anything like I had expected. I see my dentist on a 3-month recall, but missed my last appointment. I was very apprehensive about going back to get my teeth cleaned, as I thought the gum pockets would be much worse. Needless to say, I was very surprised (as was my hygienist) when the pockets had improved. She even said, "this is strange but good."

It was then that I remembered that I had used the low level laser a few times on my mouth prior to this appointment. I have no doubt that if used on a regular basis, the low level laser would heal my gum disease. Cheryl Matthies, USA

Horse Cut By Barbed Wire - Vet Says "Put Down" - Lives To Produce 3 Foals!

This valuable show horse received a severe barbed-wire cut. Infection and gangrene had set in and the vet, after using all conventional treatment methods, suggested that the horse be "put down" (killed). The wound was lasered daily resulting in rapid closure. After closure the scar was lasered once per week for 3 weeks, with the result being hair growing back in the scar tissue! The horse was able to return to the show ring, and has since produced 3 foals. SD, USA

Migraine Headache

A patient called in and was about to cancel her appointment due to a severe migraine headache. We convinced her to come in and with one two-minute demonstration using the Q1000 and 660 Enhancer low level lasers, were able to eliminate the migraine and all symptoms. Dr. Herb Yolin, MA, USA

Low Level Laser Used Daily In Busy Pet Hospital

The goal of my investment in the low level laser was to improve the comfort of pets that suffer from pain or to expedite healing of disease conditions. Just today, we treated 7 patients with low level laser therapy. Three of the most dramatic improvements include Theo, Maggie and Nike. Theo is an 8 year old cat with cruciate injury of 3 months duration. Before his knee surgegy he received 3 laser treatments, his lameness resolved and the scheduled surgery was cancelled. Maggie is a 13 year old beagle that had lower back disc problems and bilateral cruciate surgery in the past. She would moan and groan when trying to lie down. After her first treatment she climbed on the kitchen counter and ate the cat food! Nike is a 5 year old schnauzer that presented with severe back pain. After his first treatment with low level laser therapy he was pain free! Dr. Tamara Shearer, OH, USA

Prostate PSA Counts Under Control

Thank you again for introducing me to the Resonator and low level laser therapy. I have been able to control my PSA counts by lasering directly over the prostate. Webster Jones, USA

Recurring Sciatic Pains In Leg

Elaine had recurring sciatic pain that ran down her leg. Her chiropractor was sometimes able to provide a little help, but the pain usually persisted. She came in one day to pick up some vitamins, and I suggested that we give the low level laser a try. Elaine placed my Rotary Multiplex laser on the origination point of the pain for two 3-minute sessions and then went home. She called me up the next day and said, "it's phenomenal! - the pain is gone - in less than 24 hours, it is completely gone!" David Getoff, CA, USA

Temperomandibular Disorder(TMD) & Dental Cavitations

My first personal experience with the Rotary Laser and the 808-Enhancer was extraordinary. I had a TMD problem that I had been working actively on for nearly twenty years. I had dental cavitations that I had had for thirty years. I had previously had surgery on three sites, with one root canal tooth removed. I had known that I had three more areas that were continually testing, but had not been very excited about another surgery. The first one had taken three surgical interventions with follow up injections and Low Level Laser treatments, from another company, on at least twelve occasions. A second surgery left me flat on my back for three days.

I had the last three areas treated all at once with the 808-Enhancer. Three to five minutes after the treatment, at about two minutes per site, I was aware that my jaw had changed position such that I no longer had neck tightness at the Cervical 2nd vertbrae. I had been aware of this continued tightening as a lingering symptom of my original scoliosis problems. I was free from continued tightening for the first time in my life. I have remained free of the continual tightness for over six weeks and my bite is finally testing for a finalization process. Dr. L.R., Washington, USA

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have suffered from Psoriatic Rheumatoid Arthritis for 8 years. I received chemotherapy, many anti-inflammatory drugs, and cortisone and none of them worked. I met Dr. Larry and he demonstrated the laser on my hand that I could not open. After the demonstration, I could open my hand and the pain was gone! B.D., California, USA

Ruptured ACL & Arthritis - Total Knee Replacement Recommended

My name is Doug Phillips, President of the SD Racquetball Association, and competitive open player. I am 45 years old and have played multiple sports allmy life. In 1990 I ruptured the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my right knee, and was told by two different orthopedic surgeons that I would need total knee replacement. I didn't have the surgery, and continued as best I could an active lifestyle while fighting the pain with a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs and prescribed pain killers - neither of which worked very well at all - the knee was still inflamed and caused a great deal of pain.

While at the YMCA for a racquetball session in September 2001, Dr. Lytle allowed me to use his low level laser on my right knee. I lasered for about 3 minutes before and after playing that day. The results were amazing! I was able to play a full hour and a half of racquetball and go back to work without any pain or inflammation!

I continued to use the laser approximately 3 times per week for the next 3 weeks, and continue to be amazed by what low level laser therapy has done for me. My right knee is pretty much back to normal, with no pain and no inflammation. Thank you Dr. Lytle for introducing me to this incredible equipment! Doug Phillips, Rapid City, SD, USA


Pain relief and shingles
I find the Q1000 gets rid of pain quicker. It speeds the healing process.
If I do a manipulation, the pain is often the same just afterwards, but if I
use the Q1000 patients feel less pain. The quicker something heals, the less
likely it is to recur. If someone feels an 8/10 pain, it will come down to
3/10 with the laser.

For back pain I use the laser between the vertebrae on the lumber spine to
work in the disk and the facet joint. Its excellent for inflammation.

I¹ve also had success with shingles. With regular treatment with the laser
at home, this woman was able to return to work after just two and a half

I certainly would not be without a soft laser now. It really makes a
difference. I have many other therapeutic interventions­ ultrasound, a short
wave machine and a scenar, for example, but it¹s the soft laser I turn to
the most.
R.W. Osteopath, Sussex, UK

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